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Discover Benelux on engineering a 'wild' home.

We're thrilled to share that our Helios growth disk has been featured in the latest issue of Discover Benelux magazine

For those who may not be familiar, Discover Benelux is a travel and lifestyle magazine that highlights the best of the Benelux region - Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux a fantastic resource for travelers looking to explore the area, as well as locals seeking to discover hidden gems and new experiences.

  • The wide distribution of the magazine, means that our Helios growth disk will be seen by a diverse group of people, from tourists to business travelers, all of whom may be interested in incorporating more sustainable and innovative products into their lives.


    Find a link to the online issue of Discover Benelux here

Publication date: April 2023 - Country: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg
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