'Clever beauty'

Patera Magna in Happinez magazine

Happinez magazine is truly a source of House of Thol Happiness this month, with a prime feature of our Food waste reduction series Poma/Olera.

Thank you for sharing our design and the beautiful Patera Magna photographs by Masha Bakker and Gaav Content Team Happinez!

The text is in Dutch, obviously, so we went ahead and translated it for you.
Check out both the original and the english translation below.


    A beautiful terracotta storage dish that contains numerous compartments where you can store fruits and vegetables for a longer period of time. Nicely separated from each other and less susceptible to ripening and rotting too quickly. This clever beauty is available in two sizes from €210 via houseofthol.nl




    Een pracht van een terracotta opbergschaal die tal van deelbakjes bevat waar je groente en fruit lang in kunt bewaren. Mooi gescheiden van elkaar en minder onderhevig aan te snel rijpen en rotten. Deze slimme beauty is in twee maten verkrijgbaar vanaf €210,- via houseofthol.nl

Publication date: January 2022 - country: the Netherlands 
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