Flower Constellations in Lisa Wohnen & Dekorieren

We are super happy with this publication in 'Lisa Wohnen & Dekorieren'!

Too small to read? - Download a pdf here (disclaimer: text is in German, obviously...)

​Also, props for our German/Austrian Agent Marije (more here) who forwarded us the piece. Vielen Dank, Marije!

  • "We wanted to create something that fits into any vase, can be reused and is made from durable materials"



    It all started with a bunch of wild flowers.
    Jana Flohr just could not manage to arrange them nicely. So she made a device to arrange the flowers nicely and straight. From this makeshift arrangement, she and her partner Thomas Linssen developed the "Flower Constellations". The name alludes to the seemingly randomly arranged holes on the brass disk, which are derived from a constellation.

Publication date: August 2022 - Country: Germany
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