Spring is in the air!

With the returning sunshine, we are all looking forward to the new growing season.

Reason for Dutch magazine Seasons to share our new Patella Crescenda in this months' issue.
Best part: with the Patella Crescenda, the growing season lasts all year!

It's a lovely piece, in Dutch of course, but not to worry: we went ahead and translated the full text for you: 

  • WHAT Sprouting set Patella Crescenda, with which to grow sprouts all year round, simply on your kitchen counter.
    WHYRaising your own homegrown cress, winter cress or radish plants is pure (growing) joy and tastes just that little bit better as a result.
    HOW DOES IT WORK The sprouting set consists of a terracotta dish, a glass reservoir and two stainless steel growing discs on which you spread the seeds. Thanks to the elevated placement of the reservoir, the water level remains level during the growth of the plants. Special feature: there is no soil involved.
    LET'S HARVEST After about seven days, you will be able to harvest your own microgreens.

Publication date: February 2023 - Country: Netherlands
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