Wholesale for a Green everyday

At House of Thol, we believe in the power of design to make your everyday a bit greener and easier.


Our Easy Green Living collection consists of functional, affordable products that encourage green habits and are fun to gift.


Featuring distinctive eco-cardboard packaging, House of Thol products make for an environmentally conscious and stylish addition to your store's collection.

  • A personal connection

    We value personal connections, and after much experimentation and consideration, we've chosen to step away from wholesale platforms in favor of direct contact.


    If you're interested in carrying our products in your store, reach out to us using the form below.

    Take a moment to share some details about your store in the comments section, and don't forget to include your VAT number.


    We are looking forward to start the collaboration on expanding Easy Green Living all over the world!

  • Our sales team: Jana

    Yes, Jana is on the design team, but she is also the go-to person for all sales related questions.


    Perhaps you have met Jana at a tradefair, because she is usually the one happily representing House of Thol.


    Contact Jana via e-mail or give her a call, she is always happy to hear from you!

  • Deutscher Vertrieb: Marije

    To all shops in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: We're delighted to have the steadfast support of our agent, Marije Moors, from Double Dutch Agentur.


    Originally Dutch, Marije has been living in Austria for years, and is looking forward to being your House of Thol contact in German!

Tell us about your store

  • A5 informative sheets

    With your initial order, we include informative sheets in a small wooden stand.


    Take a sneak peek at the sheets here.

    (feel free to download and print)


    Interested in receiving some of our small product cards to share with your customers? Just let us know, and we'll send a batch your way!

  • Counter display

    Enhance your wholesale order with our convenient counter stands.


    The Flower Constellation stand accommodates 12 flower arranging disks (included in the Starter Set).


    For Waterworks, we provide a stand to elegantly display the glass bulb and terracotta cone outside the packaging.

  • Image bank

    Looking for images to use on your website or social media?

    Access our image bank through this Dropbox link.


    Our image bank features both high- and low-resolution images, along with some video clips. Expect regular updates as we continue to expand our collection.


    Please remember to credit the source and photographer when sharing.