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Patella Crescenda / Pre-order now!

Patella Crescenda / Pre-order now!

Homegrown fresh super food

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Future Proof Food // The Patella Crescenda sprouting set makes it super easy to grow healthy micro-greens in your own home​ all year round.  

The Patella was successfully funded on Kickstarter in November 2022.
Until March 31st 2023, it will be possible to pre-order a Patella Crescenda sprouting kit for the discounted price of €65,-.

- Planned delivery: May 2023 -


Terra-cotta, Glass, Stainless Steel


Diameter dish: 17 cm / height ca 18 cm


Eco cardboard box with inlay and tissue paper - each box contains a manual printed on recycled paper.

Care guide

Can be hand washed

Shipping & Returns

Not available yet!

Estimated delivery time: spring 2023

Wholesale information

The Patella Crescenda will be available for wholesale pre-order once the crowdfunding campaign has proven to be successful.

Interested in being among the first stores to sell the Patella Crescenda?

Get in touch via

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  • Fresh organic greens all through the year

  • Water once and watch your seedlings grow

  • Experiment with flavors and varieties

  • Grown hygienically without soil

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The Patella Crescenda story

While researching how to keep food fresh for the Poma/Olera project, we became increasingly interested in taking control of growing our own things.

Micro greens are small super foods packed with flavor that can be homegrown all through the year.

Read all about the Patella Crescenda

Patella Crescenda gift voucher

The Patella Crescenda makes for a fantastic future proof gift for anyone interested in green and healthy living.

The foolproof sprouting kit can be pre-ordered now and will be shipped in Spring 2023.

Would like a tangible token of your present? We created a free printable voucher ánd a DIY flipbook so you'll have more to gift than just a good story.

Download the free printable Patella Giftvoucher here

Frequently Asked Questions

What i'd like to know about the Patella Crescenda

What's that name about?

Patella Crescenda is Latin and literally means 'growth dish', so even though it might sound fancy, it simply explains what you are looking at.

(We made sure to check this with two classical scholars)

Why should i eat micro greens?

Well, for starters you don't have to do anything, of course... Whatever makes you happy.

But you might actually like micro greens: they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are high in flavor and nutrients.

Did you know the concentration of vitamins in micro greens can be up to 40 times as high as the adult plant? - Speed healthy eating in a pretty package!

Plus, growing them yourself with the Patella Crescenda means you keep control of 100% organic sprouts.

How long does it take to grow micro greens?

Depends on the variety, obviously.
But all in all you can expect your sprout to grow from seed to harvest-ready between 5-7 days.

A warm environment will speed up the growing process, whereas a cooler temperature can slow it down.

Which micro green is best?

When it comes to taste, i guess that is each to his own, although i really like the good old garden cress.

If you ask me about the healthiest microgreen: "Among the 25 microgreens tested, red cabbage, cilantro, garnet amaranth, and green daikon radish had the highest concentrations of vitamin C, carotenoids, vitamin K, and vitamin E, respectively. In general, microgreens contained considerably higher levels of vitamins and carotenoids—about five times greater—than their mature plant counterparts" (straight fromWikipedia)

Also, don't grow microgreens froms seeds of the nightshade family: tomatoes, eggplant etc, as those plants are toxic.

Are all seedlings edible?

NO! (Good question!)

Be careful with plants of the nightshade family: tomatoes, eggplant etc, as they are pretty toxic.

Can you hit me up with some recipe's?

Working on it!

The water level is a little too low, what should i do?

This is very easy to solve: just lift the glass reservoir a little bit and water will flow into the system. 
Repeat this motion several times to make sure the water is back to the level you are looking for.

Incidentally, the seeds only need to be touching the water in the first few days of the germination process.
Once a root has formed, it simply seeks the moisture itself, and the water level can remain a bit lower.
In fact, once they are a little plant, the sprouts prefer keep their plant base dry and only extend their roots into the water.

When can i buy the Patella Crescenda?

The Crowdfunding campaign for the Patella Crescenda is scheduled to launch on October 20th 2022.

Once successfull, backers will receive their Patella Crescenda sprouting set by Spring 2023, after which the Patella Crescenda will be available for general sale.

What will the Patella Crescenda cost?

We have thus far received quotations of almost all parts of the Patella Crescenda sprouting dish, and it looks like we'll end up at a retail price of approximately €69,95 per set.

That said, we'll be offering you the opportunity to pre-order a Patella Crescenda with a nice discount during our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Don't miss out on the early bird discount - Sign up to stay posted!

Is the Patella Crescenda available to be used as a business gift?

You most definitely can!

In fact, depending on the numbers, we can even look into a custom series and/or customize the packaging to fit your organization.
Get in touch with Jana to learn about the possibilities. 

How long does it take to ship the Patella Crescenda?

Once the Patella Crescenda is available for sale in our webshop, the following applies:Whenever you place an order in our webshop, we aim to have your product out of the door within two working days. 
However, please note: we are two people and sometimes, when we have a show or exhibition, it may take a few days extra.
If you absolutely need to have your order sent out Today, place your order before 12 noon and pop us a little e-mail to let us know you are in a hurry.
We will do our absolute best to make it happen for you!

Once the product is in the mail, the time it takes to reach your doorstep is depending on where that doorstep is located.
Within the Netherlands it usually takes about a day to arrive, in the surrounding countries a few days, and progressively longer the further your parcel has to travel.
Obviously things like global pandemics, wars and climate emergencies can cause delays, but i guess we're all used to that by now.

<Read more about shipping here>

Where is the Patella Crescenda made?

The Patella Crescenda consists of several parts that all come from different suppliers. We aim to source the parts from within Europe when we can.

-The cardboard boxes are made in the Netherlands.

-The terracotta dishes come from Portugal (the capital of terra cotta).

-The Stainless steel growing disks will be produced in Italy.

-The glass reservoirs are currently produced in Beijing (same as for Waterworks), but we are looking to transfer that production into Europe when we can.

All parts are collected and packaged at the House of Thol headquarters in Overasselt, possibly helped by a sheltered workshop or otherwise.

How should i care for my Patella Crescenda?

After each use, clean the stainless steel growth disks by hand. Use some soap and a luffa scouring sponge if needed (or a regular scouring sponge, but you know: micro plastics...)

The glass reservoir only needs to be cleaned when dirty.
Possible lime build-up is best removed with a little vinegar.

The terracotta dish is fully glazed and can simply be rinsed out with a bit of warm water.

What if i break or lose a part of the Patella Crescenda?

We all know things like that can happen. And personally hate it when that means we have to buy a whole new set.

That is why it will be possible to re-order all different components of the Patella Crescenda system.
Even the stainless steel growth disks, although i challenge you to break those by dropping them...

  • ​"Growing microgreens at home without much hassle"

  • "teaches us a sustainable alternative (...)"

  • "The many benefits of the Patella Crescenda"

  • "An ingenious dish"

  • "Sprouting microgreens in no-time with the Patella"

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