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Publication archives


Living & More - 'Easy Green Living' (House of Thol) view

Schweizer Garten - 'Lieblinge im März / Schockverliebt!' (Patella Crescenda) view

Plus Magazine - 'Healthy Greens on your window sill' (Patella Crescenda) view


De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender - '3 oktober 2024' (Patella Crescenda) view

Natur im Garten (TV) - "Besonders Interessant" - item with Karl Ploberger (Patella Crescenda) view

Linda Magazine - 'Ieniemienie' (Patella Crescenda) view

Discover Benelux - 'Desirable designs' (Helios) view

Volkskrant Magazine - 'Compact greens' (Patella Crescenda) view

Groei & Bloei - 'Freshly picked / Supergreens' (Patella Crescenda) view

Residence - 'Guided by intuition' / Binnenkijker Margriet Vollenberg (Patera Media) view

Seasons - 'Green happiness / favorite' (Patella Crescenda) view


Volkskrant Magazine - 'Sustainable gift guide / Zelfgroei' (Patella Crescenda) view

VT Wonen - 'Duurzame trends / Uitgekiemd' (Patella Crescenda) view

INHABITAT - 'Grow microgreens year round with the Patella Crescenda' (Patella Crescenda) view

De Gelderlander - 'Kiemplantjes uit Overasselt zijn een hit in Amerika' (Patella Crescenda - crowdfunding) view

Lisa Wohnen & Dekorieren - 'Blumensteckspiel (Flower Constellations) view

Elle Decoration (NL) - Kitchen Special - 'She's Fresh!' (Patera Magna) view

WeVux - 'Patella Crescenda, the microgreens growing kit' (Patella Crescenda) view

Green Connector - 'De Natuur leert het ons' (House of Thol) view

De Ondernemer - 'Hoe dit tweetal succes in Amerika weet te creeëren met 'praktische groene spullen' (House of Thol) view 

Happinez - 'Verse Waar' (Patera Magna) view

Designboom'The many benefits of the Patella Crescenda' (Patella Crescenda) view

Seasons - 'Een nieuwe kans' (ReCabinet) view

DAC Istanbul - 'Sustainable Everyday Home Living with House of Thol' (House of Thol) view


Qualis Magazine'Krachtig' / 'Powerful - a statement against food waste' (Patera Magna) view 

Volkskrant Magazine'Cool bewaren' / 'Cool storage' (Patera Magna) view

AD (Algemeen Dagblad) 'Duurzaam ontwerp op het aanrecht' / 'Sustainable design on the kitchen counter' (Patera Magna / House of Thol general) view

La Casa in Ordine'Beauty & Sustainability' (House of Thol) view

De Volkskrant - Review Milan Design Week (Patera Magna) view

HetKanWelCirculaire Kast (ReCabinet) view

Little bit of sunshine - Sustainable gift guide (Waterworks + Patera Magna) view

Libelle LivingBack to Basic (Interior shoot House of Thol home) view

Elle Decor ITMasterly Milan (House of Thol Milan exhibition) view

Huize Chaos'Patera Magna - een bijzondere fruitschaal) view


FD Persoonlijk 'Vruchtbare scheiding' / 'Fruitful separation' (Patera Magna) view

De Gelderlander - 'Exportprijs voor ondernemers Overasselt zonder groene vingers' (House of Thol) view

Gojungle - Unboxing Waterworks (Waterworks) view

LandIdee - 'Doe mee en win' (Flower Constellations) view

Plus - 'Beeldig én Praktisch' (Helios) view


Volkskrant Magazine'Holiday gift guide' (Helios) view

Flow Magazine'Da's Slim' (Flower Constellations) view

Happinez'Blooming Libra' (Flower Constellations) view

Fleur - 'Turn off the water' (Flower Constellations & Waterworks) view

No Ordinary tales - 'The Perfect Gift' (Flower Constellations) view


Libelle tuin & zo - 'Reddingsbol / Rescue ball' (Waterworks original) view

KekMama - 'Fluitje van een cent / one cent whistle' (Waterworks original) view

Volkskrant Magazine 'Schikschijf / Arranging disk' (Flower Constellations) view

Linda 'Blind Bloemschikken / Arranging flowers with your eyes closed' (Flower Constellations) view

Libelle - 'Goed Geschikt / Well arranged' (Flower Constellations) view

Plus - 'A decorative tool' (Flower Constellations) view

Eigen Huis & Interieur 'De Bos is Los / The bouquet is on the loose' (Flower Constellations) view

Volkskrant Magazine'No need to ask your neighbor' (Waterworks original) view

Happy Mundane - 'Gift Guide Host + Home' (Flower Constellations) view

Franpress'Bloemen in de Sterren / Flowers in the stars' (Flower Constellations) view

Designcrushblog'Create / Grand Design' (Flower Constellations) view

Milk & Flowers - 'Lovely minimalistic designs' (Flower Constellations) view

VTWonen / PRCHTG  'Art in a vase' (Flower Constellations) view

Bloemenbureau Holland - 'Arrange your horoscope' (Flower Constellations) view

Tuin & Balkon'Flower Constellations making Ikebana easy' (Flower Constellations) view

Florist UK'New floral tool to launch via Kickstarter' (Flower Constellations) view

LosseBloemen - 'Must have for loose flowers' (Flower Constellations) view - 'This product makes your flowers stand perfectly' (Flower Constellations) view

2017 and before



Urban Jungle Bloggers (book) 'Convenient to water you plants' (Waterworks original) view

Das Haus - 'Schöner Trinken' (Waterworks original) view

Urban Jungle Bloggers'Plant trends from Dutch Design Week 2017' (Waterworks original) view

Stijlvol Styling'Green living' (Waterworks original) view'Op vakantie?' (Waterworks original) view

Urban Jungle Bloggers'How can plants survive your holiday?' (Waterworks original) view



VT Wonen 'For Happy Plants' (Waterworks original) pdf

Kosmos Magazine / Süddeutsche Zeitung 'Tropfenweise' (Waterworks original) pdf

Brigitte 'Lebensretter' (Waterworks original) pdf

Kölner Stadtanzeiger 'Niederländische Liebhaberstücken' (Waterworks original) pdf

Gardenista '10 easy pieces - glass watering bulbs' (Waterworks original) view

Core77 - 'Ehrenfeld design parcours' (Waterworks original) view

Life & the city'bathtubs from around the world' (Evolution bath) view

Urban Jungle Bloggers'Green gift guide for plant lovers' (Waterworks original) view



More than Classic 'Thirst' (Waterworks original) pdf

Drömhem & Trädgard (Waterworks original) pdf

Margriet 'Plantsitter: check' (Waterworks original) pdf

Eigen Huis & Interieur 'Jonge helden - the new generation of Dutch Designers' (House of Thol) pdf

Home & Garden 'Geen omkijken naar / Never a care' (Waterworks original) pdf

Garden Heaven 'Here come the Waterworks' (Waterworks original) pdf

NRC Next 'Valentine's day plants' (Waterworks original) pdf

Wegener 'Vergankelijke vrienden / Fleeting friends' (Waterworks original) pdf

Core77'Irrigation systems for tortured houseplants' (Waterworks original) view

MyDubio'How to keep those plants alive' (Waterworks original) view

Better Living Through Design'Waterworks bulb' (Waterworks original) view

Trendspace - 'Keep your plants watered on the automatic' (Waterworks original) view

Mooiwatplantendoen - 'Snel en simpel bewateren bereid je nu voor' (Waterworks original) view



Eigen Huis & Interieur 'Waterbol / Watering ball' (Waterworks original) pdf

Elle Decoration (NL) 'Bolwerk / stronghold' (Waterworks original) pdf

Volkskrant Magazine 'Unique, but not too much' (crowdfunding Waterworks) pdf

Tuin en Balkon'Automatic irrigation via a lightbulb" (waterworks original) view



Eigen Huis & Interieur 'Spotlight' (Waterworks original) pdf

FD Persoonlijk 'Design: plant drip' (Waterworks original) pdf



Coolhunting 'Studio Thol bathtub' (Evolution bathtub) view

Decoholic 'Unique bathtub design by Studio Thol' (Evolution bathtub) view



Viva 'Van het schatzoekkastje naar de snelbindermuur' (Interior Amsterdam) pdf

Konsept projeler 'Breaking: evolved chair' (Evolution bath) pdf

Badkamers magazine 'Actueel - de bekende ontwerper Thomas Linssen...' (Evolution bath) pdf

Homedit - 'Elegant and relaxing atmchair- inspired bath' (Evolution bath) view 

The Design Sheppard'Concrete kitchen by Studio Thol' (Concrete kitchen) view



Home magazine 'l'Histoire de la Vie' (Evolution bath) pdf

Map Magazine 'Tub' (Evolution bath) pdf

Pasajes Diseno 'Cita con los estímulos' (Evolution bath) pdf

FD Persoonlijk 'Onderdompelen / submerging' (Evolution bath) pdf

Eigen Huis & Interieur 'Doordenkdesign / Thinkthrough design' (Jana) pdf

Esta 'Treasure cabinet' (One off cabinet) pdf

De Architect -'Public Space preview' (Norbertus public space art icw Frederike Top) pdf

Core77 -'Thomas Linssen on a bathtub as furniture' (Evolution bath) view



Eigen Huis & Interieur 'So You Wanna be a designer' (Thomas) pdf

BN / De Stem (Norbertus public space artwork icw Frederike Top) pdf

Kassa Magazine 'Beauty is inexplicable' (interview Jana) pdf

l'Officiel 'Tuttobene' (Home is where the heart is) pdf



VT Wonen 'Pop up cabinet' (Home is where the heart is) pdf

Damn (Concrete Kitchen) pdf

Eigen Huis & Interieur 'NL Design' (Interview Jana) pdf

Experimenta (Concrete Kitchen) pdf

Core77 'Milan preview 2008/ Tuttobene' (Home is Where the Heart is) view