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Patella Crescenda - just the growth disks

Patella Crescenda - just the growth disks

Fresh superfood all year

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An extra set of growth disks

Would like an extra set of disks to grow your fresh greens? 
Sure! order them here.


Terra-cotta, Glass, Stainless Steel


Diameter dish: 17 cm / height ca 18 cm


Eco cardboard box with inlay and tissue paper - each box contains a manual printed on recycled paper.

Care guide

Can be hand washed

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  • Fresh organic greens all through the year

  • Only fill with water once

  • Experiment with flavors and varieties

  • Grow hygienically without soil

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Attention: International regulations prevent us from including seeds with the Patella sprouting kit. However, within the EU, you can add a Seed Starter Kit to your order separately.

Patella Crescenda: grown fresh organic micro greens year round - design by House of Thol / photograph by Masha Bakker photography

Why Microgreens?

Great for you and for the planet

Microgreens are densely packed with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a valuable addition to any meal.

They require minimal water and space to grow compared to larger plants, making them environmentally friendly.

Moreover, their ease of cultivation at home ensures a fresh supply year-round, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Why you should eat Microgreens
  • 1

    Set up your Patella Crescenda set:

    Place the small base in the centre of the dish and add the growth disks.

  • 2

    Fill the reservoir and place in the centre base.

    (Don't worry about spilling a little, it's only water)

  • 3

    The vacuum controls the water level:

    Lift the bulb to make the water reach the growth disks

  • 4

    Sow your seeds evenly on the circles of the growth disks.

    Keep the water level up, until the seeds have sprouted

Patella Crescenda: grown fresh organic micro greens year round - design by House of Thol / photograph by House of Thol

More about microgreens

They are tiny yet mighty: Microgreens are packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, and come in a wide variety of intense flavors that are a perfect addition to any meal (or cheese sandwich).

Click here to find out more about these versatile super greens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's that name about? Can i eat the roots? Are all seedlings edible? Is eating microgreens sustainable?

Click here for answers to those and many more questions

  • ​"Growing microgreens at home without much hassle"

  • "teaches us a sustainable alternative (...)"

  • "The many benefits of the Patella Crescenda"

  • "An ingenious dish"

  • "Sprouting microgreens in no-time with the Patella"

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