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Homegrown super food

why eating microgreens is good for you and the planet

Did you know microgreens are packed with nutrients, brimming with antioxidants, and can boost your immune system?
Plus, with their small foot print and efficient water use, they're great for the planet!

Discover 9 science-backed reasons to add more microgreens to your diet

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  • Aesthetic functionality

    Functionality is paramount for our designs, yet aesthetics is what makes you want to actually use a product to its full potential.

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  • Made to last

    We use high quality materials that age with grace & design to allow components easily be replaced if needed.

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  • Future proof

    We purposely create innovative, problem solving products that help save resources and reduce waste.

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  • Research based

    We are always eager to learn new things and base our designs on thorough substantive research in combination with hands-on material experiments.

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