Hi there,

We are Thomas and Jana, the designers behind House of Thol.

Like many, we juggle busy schedules, tight budgets, and endless to-do lists.

In the whirlwind of daily life, staying connected to nature and making sustainable choices can feel overwhelming.

That's why we're passionate about designing innovative products that make green living easier.

our mission

We design products that facilitate a sustainable lifestyle change

At House of Thol, our vision is to inspire a global shift towards sustainable living, where eco-friendly choices are accessible, affordable, and effortlessly integrated into everyday life.

We aim to work towards a future where the designs we create empower people all over the world to live in harmony with nature, contributing to a greener planet for future generations.

We aim to make a difference with affordable, problem solving products everyone can use.

What else would you like to know?

Where and when it all started

It all started in Milan in 2005, when Thomas and Jana first met and pretty quickly became inseparable.

But after Thomas graduated from the Design Academy in 2006, and Jana graduated product design at the HKU in 2007, the two didn't immediately start working together.


It was only in 2013 that the duo decided to join forces and focus on creating products that could impact the everyday lives of people.

Their first joint design was Waterworks, which they successfully crowdfunded on Dutch Design Starter, and launched under the name House of Thol in the summer of 2014.

Products & Services


First of all, there is the Easy Green Living collection, consisting of natural plant watering system Waterworks; flower-saving arranging tools Flower Constellations and Helios growth disks- both in brass ánd INOX (Stainless steel); Microgreen sprouting kit Patella Crescenda; and food saving fruit- and vegetable bow Patera Magna and Media.

Did you know we are currently developing the Future Furniture collection?

The 95% recycled ReCovered / ReCabinet is the first piece that is scheduled to be available on a larger scale.


We are passionate about exploring new ideas, uncovering fresh perspectives, and driving innovation forward.

With our expertise in research and design thinking, we offer personalized consulting sessions to guide you through the landscape of design and innovation.

Let us be your partner in harnessing creativity, exploring possibilities, and turning ideas into impactful solutions.


Seeking a tailored solution to elevate your brand? Look no further. As seasoned designers, we thrive on collaborative ventures, bringing your unique vision to life through custom design projects.

Whether you're looking for product design, branding, or packaging solutions, we love to join forces and create something truly special together.


We love to provide insightful presentations on sustainable design and creative entrepreneurship.

With expertise in action-oriented Design Thinking, we offer dynamic masterclasses that empower participants to tackle challenges with inventive solutions.

Collaborations and partnerships

We're always open to new collaborations and partnerships. Whether you're a fellow designer, a brand looking to collaborate, or an organization seeking innovative solutions, we'd love to explore how we can work together to make a positive impact.

How we work


Most of our projects begin with problems we run across in our own every day, driving us to find innovative solutions that make our own lives easier.

We start by zooming into what is going wrong exactly, and why it seems to be such a challenge.


We conduct extensive research to delve deeper into the problem, gathering insights and identifying opportunities for innovation. We love to take the time for this phase, and it is crucial for developing a clear understanding of the context and potential solutions.


Drawing from our research findings, we create mood boards and develop concepts that serve as the foundation for our designs. This stage allows us to explore various creative avenues and refine our ideas.


We generate a range of initial drafts, exploring different angles and solutions to address the challenge. This iterative process encourages creativity and ensures that we consider multiple possibilities before moving forward.


Transitioning from concepts to tangible designs, we engage in material experimentation, model making, and prototyping.

It's a constant back-and-forth between the laptop and the workshop, and between Thomas and Jana.


Once we've settled on a design direction, we create working prototypes to validate our ideas and ensure they meet our standards of functionality and aesthetics.


Integrating product development early in the process, we focus on making our designs durable, practical, and manufacturable. This holistic approach ensures that our products not only look great but also perform well in the market.


It is important to note that, once the design is finished, that doesn't mean a product is ready.

There are still quite a few steps to take to prepare a design for the market, including -but not limited to- designing suitable packaging, manuals, and presentation materials. (Not stuff they usually teach you in art school)

Where we work

We are located at:

Parksesteeg 8
6611 KH Overasselt - NL
(That's close to Nijmegen, right next to the nature reserve the Overasseltse Vennen)

Where our designs are made

We aim to produce as locally as possible. And are currently actively researching production methods and manufacturing facilities within the Netherlands, in the hopes of manufacturing future products within the country.


At this moment (March '24), we produce our packaging material in the Netherlands.


Packaging & Quality control is also done in the Netherlands. From April onward, part of the packaging will be taken over by a sheltered labour facility nearby.


Brass and INOX parts are produced in Italy.


The terracotta dishes and bases of the Patella Crescenda are produced in the south of Portugal.

At the moment the terracotta Waterworks cones, as well as the Patera Magna and Media are still being produced by Thomas at the workshop, but we're working on moving that to Portugal as well.


The glass reservoirs are currently made in China, but the production is scheduled to move to Portugal later in 2024.

House of Thol in the media

Recent publications and the publication archives can be found here

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Awards & Accolades

- Patella Crescenda shortlisted LICC Awards
- Awarded Building Talent Grant by Creative Industries Fund

- Honorable Mention Design Intelligence Awards (DIA) Patella Crescenda
- Personal presentation for HRH Queen Maxima at DDW 2023
- Patella Crescenda nominated for a Green Product Award

- Successful crowdfunding Patella Crescenda on Kickstarter
- Best Eco-friendly Home Decor Designers - Benelux Luxlife Global Excellence Awards
- Awarded Building Talent Grant by Creative Industries Fund

- Winner Ondernemerspitches Rijk van Nijmegen with Poma/Olera
- Most Sustainable Home Decor Business Benelux Enterprise Awards
- Patera Magna longlisted for the 2021 Dezeen Awards
- Selected for Design to Market Accelerator for design talent by Provincie Noord Brabant

- Awarded Post-Covid Professionalization Grand by Creative Industries Fund
- Winner MKB Export Award 2019
- Participation SIB Export Trajectory

- Winning pitch & participation ABN AMRO Gamechangers pavilion DDW 2019
- Part of Top 9 of MKB Export Award 2018

- Successful Crowdfunding Flower Constellations on Kickstarter
- Selected for Driving Dutch Design: masterclass series by BNO, DDF & ABN AMRO

- Awarded Talent loan by Culture & Entrepreneurship foundation in collaboration with Triodos Bank 

- Awarded Professionalization Grant by Creative Industries Fund

- Waterworks Nominated for a German Design Award
- Product Design development Grant Creative Industries Fund in collaboration with Pols Potten

- Waterworks successfully funded via Dutchdesignstarter

- DDW Audience Award (by Dutch Design Starter)

Partners & affiliations

Stimuleringsfonds logoDutch Design Foundation
Fonds Cultuur + FinancieringFonds KwadraatTriodos Bank
  • Thomas Linssen has a passion for materials, construction, and experimentation.


    A skilled maker and Design Academy graduate, he is well-equipped for technically challenging projects and has a love for building prototypes, creating CAD designs, and making models.

    In addition to his work in the studio, Thomas taught at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam for eight years (until 2020).


    Thomas is responsible for pretty much everything in the studio that requires a hands-on approach, from building presentation stands to crafting Patera Magna bowls.

    Thomas' LinkedIn profile

  • Jana Flohr loves research, concept development, and graphic design.


    After a brief stint at Cultural Anthropology at university, Jana transferred to Utrecht School of the Arts where she graduated in conceptual design in 2007.
    She has since earned post graduate certificates in Design Consultancy (Design to Market, 2022) and Art Education (BIK, 2010)


    With her multicultural curiosity, quick mind and built experience in design facilitation, Jana takes on practical management, communication, sales and marketing activities at House of Thol.


    Jana's LinkedIn profile

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