Remain top of mind by gifting sustainably

Boost your company's image with contemporary, eco-friendly gifts that leave a lasting impression and promote a sustainable future, while empowering your relations to adopt a green & conscious lifestyle


Our Easy Green Living collection consists of functional, affordable products that encourage green habits and make for fun practical gifts.

  • Helios

    The Helios disk effortlessly turns avocado seeds and cuttings into thriving water-rooted plants.
    More on Helios 
  • Flower Constellation XL held in hand - flower tools for effortless arrangements with fewer flowers - design by House of Thol / Photograph by Masha Bakker photography

    Flower Constellations

    These disks allow for stylish arrangements that save flowers
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  • Waterworks

    Waterworks is an olla-based natural watering system that helps to keep house (or office-) plants happy and hydrated
    About Waterworks 
  • Patella Crescenda: grown fresh organic micro greens year round - design by House of Thol / photograph by Masha Bakker photography

    Patella Crescenda

    This microgreen sprouting kit helps you easily grow fresh superfoods all year round.
    More on the Patella 

Make it Memorable

Whether you prefer featuring your company name or logo on the packaging, directly on the product, or including a heartfelt personal note – our aim is to enable you to present gifts that are uniquely yours, both personal and recognizable.

Add a personal note

from 25 pcs

From 25 pcs, it is possible to add a personal note to your gift, and within the EU, we can even print on seed paper, if you like!

Come up with your own design or have us create something for you.

For select quantities, we can even handwrite individual names for an extra personal touch.

Brand the sticker / add a sleeve

from 50 pcs

All House of Thol products come in distinctive eco-friendly cardboard boxes featuring white print and a vibrant, full-color sticker showcasing the design in action.

Customize the sticker with your logo, opt for additional branding, or choose a bespoke design that suits your brand.

Require more room for your message? Enhance your packaging by adding a sleeve around the box for an additional personalized touch.

Make your mark

from 100 pcs

For an enduring impact, go beyond branding the packaging—brand the product itself!

Personalize our Flower Constellations series and the Helios growth disk with an elegant etched-in logo.

Take it a step further and, with the Flower Constellations, customize the pattern to reflect something meaningful for you or your company.

Add a pop of color

from 100 pcs

Our terracotta Patella Crescenda dish and Waterworks cone usually come in a colorless glossy glaze, but it is very possible to create a special with a custom glaze finish.

Add a a burst of color to suit your mood, or your brand identity.

Patella Crescenda packaging made in the Netherlands from recycled cardboard - natural microgreen sprouting set by House of Thol

Brand the box

from 500 pcs

The House of Thol collection is presented in eco-friendly cardboard packaging with distinctive white print.

Produced in the Netherlands, we offer the option to align the white print seamlessly with your brand identity.

Please bear in mind, this customization requires the production of a new stamp and is most cost-effective for orders of 500 pieces or more.

Saving the best for last: limited editions

As designers passionate about creating a greener future, we love to turn leftover materials from your production line into sustainable gifts.
This not only minimizes waste, but also adds a unique and eco-conscious touch to your custom products. Let's collaborate to turn these materials into bespoke, environmentally friendly gifts, that showcase your brand's commitment to sustainability.

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