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Watering globe for indoor plants

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Plantcare made easy

Waterworks' olla-inspired working ensures a natural gradual distribution of moisture from the partly porous terra-cotta cone into the soil it is in connection with. 

The glass reservoir holds enough water to last for circa ten days and clearly shows when a refill is needed.


Borosilicate glass, terra cotta


Box: 17x17x11 cm
Glass reservoir: 10x10 cm
Terra Cotta cone: 8x3 cm

Care guide

The glass reservoir of the Waterworks-set can be cleaned with hot water whenever you like.
To get rid of green spots, clean with a mixture of water, vinegar and salt or backing soda and use a bottle brush to get everywhere.

We very seldomly clean the cones, but if you feel like the calcium of the water has diminished the working of the system, clean out the scales with a bit of vinegar.


Eco cardboard box with inlay and tissue paper - each box contains a Waterworks manual printed on recycled paper.

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  • Placement of the Waterworks cone - Waterworks watering globe for houseplants - design by House of Thol / photograph by Gaav Content

    Porous terracotta provides even water distribution.

  • Waterworks set in vintage elephant pot - Waterworks watering system for houseplants - Design by House of Thol / Photograph by Masha Bakker photography

    Simply add to your plants, no repotting needed.

  • Waterworks - watering globe for houseplants - Design by House of Thol / Photograph by Masha Bakker Photography

    Straightforward usability, original materials.

  • Go on vacation with ease of mind.

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Waterworks cones in Small / Medium / Large - Waterworks watering globe for houseplants - Design by House of Thol / Photograph by Masha Bakker Photography

About the cones

Each Waterworks set comes with one cone in either medium, large or small, depending on the level of the glaze and thus remaining porous surface.

We advice Medium for most plants; Large for thirsty (or) larger plants; and Small for plants that don't need a lot of water.

The Waterworks cones can also be purchased without the reservoir and fit most glass bottles of up to 500ml.

Get the cone only
  • Placement of the Waterworks cone - Waterworks watering globe for houseplants - design by House of Thol / photograph by Gaav Content


    moisten the cone and push into the soil near the plants roots.

  • Filling the Waterworks reservoir - Waterworks watering globe for houseplants - Design by House of Thol / Photograph by Gaav Content


    Fill the glass reservoir with water.

  • 3.

    place the reservoir in the cone -Refill when empty :-)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Waterworks work? Can I use Waterworks with any plant? How often do I need to fill the reservoir?

Answers to those, and many other questions can be found here.

Waterworks watering globe - Design by House of Thol / photograph by Wonderwoud

The Waterworks story

We created Waterworks because we needed help keeping our indoor plants alive ourselves, and failed to find something that would not only function well, but also be beautiful enough to add to the plants you love.

More about Waterworks
  • "This witty water reservoir solves the problem"

    - Libelle -

  • "Stylish glass watering system"

    - Volkskrant magazine -

  • "Easy does it"

    - VT Wonen -

  • "Lebensretter / Lifesaver"

    - Brigitte -

  • "All set for beautiful growth"

    - Core77 -

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Marly Kemna
It works!

For our in home plants the Waterworks works. It’s splended!

Thank you so much for your review Marly, great to hear your plants are happy! Warm regards, Jana

Esther van Schie

The waterdrops are so beautiful and practical! My plants are immediately greener, very pleased about it!

Thank you so much Esther, lovely to hear!

Markus Billermann
Es funktioniert fast...aber die Blume lässt den Kopf hängen

Das Auffüllen mit Wasser ist gar kein Problem. Wie man allerdings den Glaskolben schnell auf das Terracotta setzen soll, ist mir ein Rätsel.....das Wasser ist dann schon zur Hälfte raus oder der Glaskolben zerstört. Kann man auch Dünger da mit reintun??? Keine Angaben in der Bedienungsanleitung.
Das Wasser versickert auch nicht so schnell wie angegeben: nach einer Woche ist der Kolben noch zur Hälfte gefüllt, die Blume fast verdurstet.

(scroll down for German)

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback!

If you find that your plant requires more water, consider opting for the Large Waterworks cone, which maintains the same size but boasts a larger porous surface for enhanced water distribution.

Ensure that the cone establishes good contact with the soil, as this direct connection is crucial for accurate moisture level communication. Additionally, during the winter season, especially if your plant is situated above or beside a heat source, it may necessitate a bit of extra watering.

Reinserting the bulb into the cone may seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be a stressful task. You can place your fingers underneath the opening for added support. While a small water spill may occur, it typically poses no issue as it contributes to the soil's moisture.

As for fertilizer, there's some debate within our team. One perspective suggests it might be filtered out by the terracotta, while another believes it should still be effective. Regardless, be mindful that adding fertilizer may expedite glass staining, so our recommendation is to introduce it directly to the soil during the growing season.

Best regards, Jana


Auf Deutsch:
Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, uns Ihr Feedback mitzuteilen!

Wenn Sie feststellen, dass Ihre Pflanze mehr Wasser benötigt, sollten Sie sich für den Large Waterworks-Kegel entscheiden, der die gleiche Größe hat, aber eine größere poröse Oberfläche für eine bessere Wasserverteilung aufweist.

Achten Sie darauf, dass der Kegel einen guten Kontakt zum Boden herstellt, denn diese direkte Verbindung ist für eine genaue Feuchtigkeitsübertragung entscheidend. Während der Wintersaison, insbesondere wenn Ihre Pflanze über oder neben einer Wärmequelle steht, kann es außerdem notwendig sein, sie etwas mehr zu gießen.

Das Wiedereinsetzen der Zwiebel in den Kegel mag einschüchternd wirken, muss aber nicht unbedingt eine anstrengende Aufgabe sein. Sie können Ihre Finger unter die Öffnung legen, um sie zu stützen. Es kann zwar etwas Wasser austreten, aber das ist in der Regel kein Problem, da es zur Feuchtigkeit des Bodens beiträgt.

Was den Dünger angeht, so gibt es in unserem Team einige Diskussionen. Die einen sind der Meinung, dass er von der Terrakotta herausgefiltert werden könnte, während andere meinen, dass er dennoch wirksam sein sollte. In jedem Fall sollte man bedenken, dass die Zugabe von Dünger die Verfärbung des Glases beschleunigen kann. Wir empfehlen daher, den Dünger während der Wachstumsperiode direkt in den Boden einzubringen.

Karel Ouendag
Works like a charme

Waterworks works as advertised

Thank you so much for your sweet reply! Warm regards, Thomas & Jana

My plants love Waterworks

And so do I! It has been send to my with the upmost care. Thanks!

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