Scaling up sustainably

New Recycled Glass Reservoirs made in Portugal

Made in the EU

We're super happy that we finally found a production partner for our glass reservoirs here in the EU.

And not only that, the glass reservoirs that we use in both our Waterworks and Patella Crescenda sets are now also made from 80% recycled glass!

The feel of the material is hard to catch in a photograph, so here's a video

Patella Crescenda: grown fresh organic micro greens year round - design by House of Thol / photograph by Masha Bakker photography

A journey towards sustainability

When we introduced our Waterworks sets 10 years ago, we couldn't find a production partner close to home, so we partnered with a factory in Asia that also produced for other brands we worked with.

Although we were satisfied with the quality, the long-distance travel of the reservoirs didn't sit well with us. With the launch of Patella Crescenda last year and the increased demand for reservoirs, we knew it was time for a change.

Reducing environmental impact

By choosing to produce our glass reservoirs in Portugal with 80% recycled glass, we are taking a big step in reducing our carbon footprint.

This change aligns perfectly with our mission to produce as close to home as possible and to use sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Added bonus is the way the manufacturer packaged the glass without using plastic and with an efficient use of cardboard boxes, saving a ton on packaging materials.

Quality & Design

Our new recycled glass reservoirs have a subtle blue-green hue and a thicker profile, offering a natural feel with imperfections like occasional bubbles or thickening near the edge of the neck.

These unique traits give the glass a charming character that we cherish and believe you'll appreciate as much as we do.

Future plans

We strive to produce our designs as close to home as possible. Within the EU, or even better: Over the past 10 years, we've learned that this can be challenging with certain materials and techniques.

That's why we're actively seeking manufacturing partners within the Netherlands to expand our knowledge and capabilities. By doing so, we can consider local possibilities for every new design project.

Expect more locally manufactured products in the future.
In the meantime, check out our Waterworks and Patella Crescenda with the new reservoir!

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